Site Development Contractors in Northwest Indiana

Specializing in Horizontal Directional Drilling

Von Excavating Since 1991

Von Excavating has become one of the premiere site development contractors in Northwest Indiana

With four decades of experience on staff in the excavation, grading, utilities and demolition field, our staff makes sure your project gets done right and is completed on time.

Our honest and dedicated team members are committed to the safety of our crews and the high quality of our work. When you hire Von Excavating you can rest assured you have chosen a qualified, experienced, and responsible partner for your site work needs.

Site Utilities Services

  • Storm, Sanitary Sewer Installation, Water Utility Installation
  • Residential / Commercial Septic Installation
  • Televising and Inspection of Utility Lines
  • Pressure Testing
  • Butt Fusion of HDPE Pipe
  • Potholing for Existing Utilities

Premier Horizontal Drilling LLC

Specialized in Horizontal Directional Drilling

PHD is your premier underground utility services provider. Our growing self-perform services now include:

  • Hydro excavation services
  • Pipeline jetting/cleaning services
  • TV pipe inspection services

What is hydro excavation?

When conventional excavation with bucket machines is unsafe or not possible, hydro exaction or hydro vac is the method of nondestructive excavation.  A high pressured water system is used to break up the soil and the vacuum system is then able to suck up the debris.  This technology allows for safe excavation around sensitive areas such as gas lines.

Situations for hydro excavation:

  • Potholing for existing utilities to verify location and dimensions
  • Dewatering, removal of water from job sites
  • Manhole cleaning
  • Bore and mud removal
  • Excavation for signs or light poles



Von Materials

  • Sand
  • Decorative Stone
  • Driveway Stone
  • Black Dirt
  • River Rock
  • Mulch